Storytelling is an effective tool for personal transformation. Building on this idea and drawing from counselling psychology, narrative therapy as well as native and Sufi healing traditions, Anupa Mehta has developed a series of 'Personal Storytelling' workshops and individual coaching modules. Her workshops can also assist in conflict resolution and team building within families, groups and organisations.?


A unique experiential workshop, which helped people move from a point of where they were to where they would like to be, through the sharing of stories.
-Asad Lalljee, Sr. Vice President, CEO, AVID Learning, Essar Foundation

Even for an experienced story teller, the workshop was inspiring, both theoretical and practical. Anupa is a warm and skilled teacher who created a space of trust.
-Marina Granlund, Swedish Actress & Story teller

The workshop was extremely engaging and insightful. It made me reflect on the importance of scripting & re-scripting. Great experience and amazing process of transformation.
-Dr. Manoj Nitharwal, Forensic Psychiatrist & Filmmaker

Anupa's facilitation personifies passion. She exudes tremendous empathy and energy and playful, childlike enthusiasm in the way she facilitates.
-Bharat Raj, Sales Trainer, Mercuri International
2017, Anupa Mehta